Border Crisis: “This Is About Healthcare”


California doctors call for more free health services to illegal aliens – agree or disagree?

Los Angeles (KABC) – After the deaths of two migrant children, dozens of local doctors and healthcare professionals created a call to action on the steps of Los Angeles County +USC Medical Center.

Pediatric resident Maria Martez Gomez said, “We are asking for more supervision of health for those kids coming in from the border.”

She and many of her colleagues believe healthcare is being used as leverage to restrict border access.

Internal medicine resident Dr. Lisa Gantz visited a detention center in Texas.

“It was really disturbing to see the conditions in these detention centers,” Gantz said. “It’s just devastating.”

LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis wants to make sure those who are undocumented and live in LA County are not afraid to seek healthcare.

“This is about healthcare. It’s about giving them access to that,” Solis said. Read more. 

Should the U.S. increase services at the border? 

YES – We have a moral duty to end this humanitarian crisis. 

NO – This crisis was created by U.S. policies granting free healthcare, food, shelter, and other taxpayer-financed services to people who have no right to be in our country. 

Post your opinion in the comments area below. 


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