Kim K. Thinks “Anorexic” Is A Compliment

IMAGE: Screenshot, Cosmopolitan

Her co-Narcissist sisters compare her recent weight loss to a deadly eating disorder, and she’s flattered

| COSMOPOLITAN – Kim Kardashian-West has expressed joy at being called “anorexic” by her sisters.

In a series of videos posted to Instagram, Kim, 37, is seen spending time with sisters Khloe, 34, and Kendall Jenner, 22, both of whom comment on her body shape and size.

However, Kim’s delighted response to their comments is being highly criticised by health experts.

“I’m really concerned, I don’t think you’re eating,” Kendall says to Kim while smiling. “You look so skinny.”

Kim is then heard squealing with delight at the remark. “Oh my god, thank you!” she exclaims.

“My purse is as tiny as you,” Kendall adds, while holding up her very small handbag.

In a later video, Kim films Khloe, saying: “OK you actually look really skinny.”

Khloe then responds: “But I’ve never seen a skinnier person in my life [than you].”

Kim goes on to say that she believes Kendall is skinnier, to which Khloe says: “Well, Kendall – but that’s natural. You, it takes work to look like that, and that’s amazing.”

In the series of videos, Kim is seen asking her sisters to “tell [her] more” about how slim she is.

“I’m not that skinny!” she replied. “I’m down to 119 pounds.”

Khloe then goes on to explain that despite her sister’s “voluptuous” curves, she thinks Kim is “anorexic” at her waist and arms.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters have once again shared careless comments that reach millions of young and impressionable followers,” Rhiannon Lambert, a  nutritionist who works with eating disorders.

“The use of language is appalling and implies that anorexia is something to be admired when it is incredibly dangerous resulting in more deaths than any other mental health condition. Anorexia is a serious mental health disorder that should not be mistaken for a successful diet.” Read the full story at Cosmopolitan.