Bishops, Celebs, And Regular Guys Who Take Naked Selfies

CNN – She’s sitting in a crowded subway car, zipping through emails on her phone and minding her own business when it appears: a photo of a man’s penis.

Sexting is so commonplace that 88% of participants — men and women — in a 2015 study said they’d done it.

So common that research psychologist Peggy Drexler wonders if there’s even any stigma attached to it.

So common that, as we found out last week, even someone as high-profile as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said that an outlet threatened to release compromising photos of him.

If it’s done in a consensual relationship, it — like other sexual behaviors — isn’t necessarily harmful.

But men will often send such photos unsolicited to women.

There are several theories why.

Men often misperceive a woman’s interest

Men just aren’t good at gauging the level of a woman’s interest in him, says Alexandra Katehakis, founder and clinical director of the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles.

“Yes, they’re bad at it,” she told CNN. “And (the pictures) are not welcome.”

Besides, Katehakis says, most women aren’t interested in pictures of men’s genitals at all.

“They’re more turned on by (images of) a man’s eyes or his butt,” she said …

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They’re attached to their private parts

New York psychotherapist Jeannette Stern said this misperception is also fueled by men’s attachment to their private parts.

“I think men, generally more than women, feel a connection to their genitalia and want the person they are interested in sexually to share that interest,” said Stern. “I do think that men perceive this as being more pleasurable to the recipient than it often is.”

They may get a thrill out of it

Some men get a rush from sharing photos of their private parts with complete strangers, Katehakis, the clinical director says. They often do it through what’s known as cyber-flashing … Read more.

Men alleged to have shared inappropriate photos: 


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