Billy Graham, 99, in ‘Stable’ Health, Receives Birthday Visitors

As he turns 99, Billy Graham remains in good health, despite challenges of old age …

Back in 2013, world-famous evangelist Billy Graham told a group of people that he might just live to be 100.

It’s looking more like that vision might just come true.

Sarah Palin and many others have travelled to North Carolina to celebrate birthdays with Rev. Billy Graham. His most recent birthday bash was held on November 7 in Charlotte.

(John Boyle, Citizen-Times) Rev. Billy Graham, who struggles with many of the maladies of old age but overall is in stable health, is giving Methuselah a run for his money. Graham turned 99 earlier this month.

“As a family, we are just so very grateful that he is still with us,” his Franklin Graham said.

“His mind is good but he’s quieter these days. He can’t see or hear well, but his health is stable.”

Family will spend time with Billy Graham on his birthday — and bring his favorite cake, lemon cake with lard icing. Yep, lard icing apparently is one of Rev. Graham’s secrets to longevity.

“He loves those cakes — but it has to have the lard icing,” Franklin Graham said.

The elder Graham has endured respiratory problems and other health issues in recent years.

On his 95th birthday, Billy Graham attended a birthday bash at the Omni Grove Park Inn organized by Franklin and others that featured appearances by former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and current president Donald Trump.

Billy Graham has preached the Gospel to more people in live audiences than anyone else in history — nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories. He’s reached hundreds of millions more through television, video, film, and webcasts.

“My father always wants the focus to be on the Lord Jesus Christ, and not on him; and so we will point to the amazing ways God has worked in lives around the world, through the ministry of Billy Graham,” Franklin Graham said, adding that his father always appreciates prayers from the public. Read the full story at Citizen-Times. Also of interest: Amish Live 10 Years Longer, But NOT For The Reasons You Think