Beth Chapman Turns To Marijuana; Activists Celebrate 420

Beth Chapman Turns To Marijuana, ‘Dog’ Asks For More Prayers

By Lisa Respers France

CNN – Beth Chapman, who is battling cancer, was hospitalized last weekend, according to a statement on her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman’s official Facebook page.

“Beth was hospitalized Saturday due to an accumulation of fluid in her lungs,” the statement read. “Doctors performed an emergency procedure to alleviate pressure that had built up.”

“She is now at home resting with her husband,” the statement added. “She and [Duane] are so grateful for the thoughts and prayers from their fans. Keep them coming.” PREVIOUSLY: How Beth Chapman Is Spending Her Final Days

Two months ago Beth posted about cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), parts of the cannabis plant that have been touted as alternative medicines, writing: “The real medicine behind the plant is very interesting the healing qualities are vast.”

“We need to all be far more open minded to new treatments,” the caption to an Instagram photo read. Read more. IMAGE: Fair Use,

Call it weed, marijuana or cannabis: 420 is a time to celebrate the growing acceptance of its healing pleasures

By Simon Moya-Smith | OPINION

NBC NEWS – I’m 35, so I remember the days when teachers and parents would say things like Pot will rot your mind!

Well, my mind is quick and quite sharp, and I have not walked through a gateway and into addiction to another drug just because I enjoy a joint now and again.

That’s why, like many people, I’ll be participating in April 20, better known as 4/20 — a massive, worldwide celebration of weed culture, freedom and (let’s be honest here) food.

And if you unfortunately suffer from cancer (hopefully you recover quickly), according to the clinical research, this medicine — not “drug” mind you — will help inspire that appetite and prompt deep, peaceful sleep.

The term 420, which is most often attributed to police codes, actually began in 1971 in Marin County, California, when five San Rafael High School pals who enjoyed pot would meet after class at 4:20 p.m. by a statute of chemist Louis Pasteur.

One of the guys became a roadie with a member of the band Grateful Dead, who caught wind of the code word created by the one-time students, and the rest, they say, is history.

April 20, then, is the annual day of the year when cannabis enthusiasts light up, nibble an edible, laugh, eat, light up again, relax and perhaps listen to some Carlos Santana or TOOL — or maybe that’s just me — often in public places, like Civic Park in Denver, which has hosted an annual event since at least 2006, long before weed was legal in the state.

But if the sight of thousands of people congregating in a public place to smoke weed and listen to music doesn’t tick off the conservative anti-marijuana jackals, the reality that more states are welcoming weed with open arms certainly gets them fuming. Read more. 



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