Casual Habits That Make Your Joint Pain WORSE

Most people with joint pain have no idea that these common mistakes may be making their pain much worse than is has to be. |

Ways You May Be Hurting Your Joints

By WebMD 

Carry Extra Weight

Every pound on your frame puts 4 pounds of stress on your knees. It also strains your back, hips, and feet.

That causes wear and tear that can lead to damage, aches, and pain. Being overweight also triggers inflammation. That can make all your joints, including in your hands, stiff, painful, and swollen. Flight Attendants Over 147 Lbs Put On “No-Fly” List

Text Too Much

‘Texting thumb’ is a real thing. Your tendons can get irritated and lock your thumb in a curled position. All that looking down at your phone is just as bad for your neck and shoulders, too.

Every inch your head drops forward raises the load on your muscles. If you bend your neck so far that your chin touches your chest, it’s as if your neck has to support the weight of 5 heads instead of just one. This Smartphone Button May Reduce Depression

Steep Price of High Heels

They might look fab, but the higher they rise, the more your weight tips forward. Your thigh muscles have to work harder to keep your knee straight, which can cause pain.

When heels go up, so does the twisting force in your knees. If you wear them every day, you boost your odds for osteoarthritis. That’s when the bones and the cushioning between the bones break down. Reducing Arthritis Knee Pain: Mayo Clinic

Wear the Wrong Shoes

Worn-out shoes don’t support your feet and ankles enough. That’ll throw your knees, hips, and back out of whack. Also, make sure your sneakers are right for your sport. High tops for basketball, for example, can protect your ankles from sprains.

But don’t go overboard. Too much cushion or arch support means your foot can’t move naturally, which could keep you in a cycle of pain. See the rest of the 16 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Joints here. 

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