This Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner Talk Could Save Your Life

Happy National Family History Day … 

(Mark Lewis, WTOP) Some people dread one aspect of the holidays — and it has nothing to do with overeating all that delicious food.

It’s those uncomfortable and awkward conversations with family and friends.

While there are probably many topics you have learned to avoid at the holiday dinner table, there is one subject that you should discuss — your family’s health history.

Health blogger Sally Squires said that the idea comes from the U.S. surgeon general who declared Thanksgiving as “National Family History Day.”

Admittedly, it may be tough to bring up these matters as you pass the yams and stuffing. So Squires suggested sharing some of your own health information as an ice breaker.

Maybe you discuss the results of your last physical exam and where you learned that you have a certain condition and you wonder if it runs in the family.

Squires said one tragic example of how important this information can be to your health is the story of the late comedian Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer.

Squires said Radner didn’t learn until after her own diagnosis that a number of other family members also had died of ovarian cancer.

If doctors had known this information sooner, they may have taken a different approach with Radner. Read the full story at WTOP.COM. Also of interest: