AWKWARD … Chrissy Teigen Shares a Pic of Her Weird Rash

“Can I send you a picture of my … “

“Can I send you a picture of my butt cheek?” Chrissy Teigen asked her personal physician. PHOTO: Facebook


Chrissy Teigen may be the most candid and unfiltered celeb ever.

The 31-year-old revealed that she recently shared a selfie with her doctor.

A selfie of her butt.

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The social media queen had contracted a ‘mysterious rash’ on her derriere after snorkeling in Italy.

“My doctor was kind enough to give me his number,” she tweeted. 

“Can I send you a picture of my butt cheek?” she wrote to him.

“I think I got some sort of bites or rash from snorkeling in Italy. I am in London or I would come in.”

Butt selfies are now a thing, apparently.

Her post attracted plenty of interesting reactions from her millions of followers—some offered her their medical advice while others sent their own rash snaps for a second opinion.

However the attention-craving celeb has yet to publicly share her own “butt rash selfie.” 

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