Another Internet Starlet Meets a Tragic and Untimely Death

Melania Capitan, “The Blonde Huntress,” Dead at 27 

Melania Capitan has reportedly taken her own life in the wake of cyber bullying by animal rights activists. IMAGE: Facebook

(HEADLINE HEALTH) Cyber bulling has been implicated in the death of another popular young internet starlet.

We reported in December on the death of 23-year-old porn star August Ames, who took her own life after being harassed on social media for posts about her reasons for refusing to perform with men who have acted in gay porn.

Now we’re learning of the apparent suicide of another 20-something young woman who lived a very public online life that attracted both positive and negative attention.

Melania Capitan posted images of herself hunting and had tens of thousands of online fans. But she also attracted social media trolls who harassed her for carrying on one of the oldest of human activities, hunting game.

The deaths of Ames and Capitan highlight the importance on thinking twice before posting controversial views on social media. Those who choose to live their lives online need coping skills to handle the blowback from internet trolls. Details below on the short life and tragic death of Melania Capitan, including the content of some of the posts about her. 

Melania Capitan’s death is drawing new attention to cyber bullying. IMAGE: Instagram

Jackie Salo

(JACKIE SALO, NEW YORK POST) Melania Capitan, 27, was found dead Wednesday from an apparent suicide.

Capitan, from Catalonia, Spain, had amassed a huge fan base on social media posting images of herself hunting. Her Facebook page, where she shared hunting tips, had nearly 39,000 followers.

Some posts, however, were controversial for animal rights activists who would leave harassing messages. The blond huntress reportedly left a suicide note for friends, but its contents have not been released.

Critics continued to flood her Facebook page with messages even after she died.

“She’s finished the lives of many animals and no one defended the death of them, ” one person wrote. Read the full story at the New York Post

Narjas Zatat

(NARJAS ZATAT, THE INDEPENDENT) A hunter who was subjected to years of online abuse reportedly phoned friends before taking her own life.

IMAGE: Facebook

Melania Capitan, who rose to prominence for posting images of her kills on social media, was found dead in her farm in Huesca in the northeast of Spain.

The 27-year-old had almost 10,000 followers on Instagram and her blog explaining and detailing her hunting methods also was followed by thousands of people.

Capitan’s controversial stance on hunting as well as the frequent images of her expeditions posted online, made her a target for anti-hunting campaigners.

In 2016 she claimed that she received some 3,000 “offensive comments” on social media.

Many people rejoiced about her death, and posted comments on her Facebook page. One wrote: “Karma.”

Another wrote: “You have done a favour to humanity. Bye Bye!”

Despite all of the threats she received, including one which was reportedly left on her car, her friends have insisted that her death was because of “personal problems, not for the insults received.”

Read the full story at The Independent . 

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