Another Hallmark Star Has Cancer

In 2018, Home & Family beauty reporter Kym Douglas (not pictured) underwent successful treatment for breast cancer. Now it’s one of the show’s co-hosts who’s facing down a cancer diagnosis. Image: Hallmark Channel, Fair Use

“I am extremely lucky that we found it early.”

‘All My Children’ star’s “gut issues” turn out to be kidney cancer

Sep 11, 2019

On Monday’s episode of Hallmark’s Home and Family, co-host Cameron Mathison made the shocking announcement that he has recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The former All My Children star and father of two had been experiencing “gut issues,” which led him to pay a visit to his doctors. Testing revealed a cancerous tumor in his right kidney that’s consistent with renal cell carcinoma, the most common type of adult kidney cancer.

Mathison said in his announcement:

“Over the summer, some of [my health] concerns weren’t making a lot of sense to me, so I asked my doctor for a MRI in my gut area. He didn’t think I needed it, but he obliged because I was persistent. When the results came back and he was right, I didn’t need [a MRI of] my gut, but, a miracle, they actually found a growth on one of my kidneys.”

In addition to gut issues, kidney cancer symptoms can include blood in the urine, lower back pain, constant fatigue, loss of appetite, and unexplained weight loss, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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His doctors say that his tumor has been growing for 10 to 15 years, but remains localized to the area.

“The good news is that it hasn’t spread to any other organs🙏🏼,” Mathison wrote in an Instagram post about his health update. “They say my healthy lifestyle and diet has no doubt helped keep it from growing and spreading to other areas, as doctors think it’s been growing in me for minimum 10 years🙏🏼. I am extremely lucky that we found it early.”

Mathison, who said he will not need chemotherapy or radiation, but will undergo a laparoscopy (a minimally invasive surgery) this week to remove the tumor. “My surgery is scheduled on September 12th, I was hoping to receive positive thoughts, prayers, or whatever you feel comfortable with, on 9/12 (my surgery is at 1pm PST) 🙏🏼 .” Read more.