Hunter Dies, Animal Rights Activists Rejoice

Dead coyote hunter “got what he deserved,” posted one Facebook user 

| Washington (Indiana) Times-Herald – Dec 22, 2018

| Just when you think social media can’t get any more damaging, it finds a way to disappoint in ways that I previously thought were unimaginable.

Earlier this month there was a tragic accident outside of Plainville that involved a pair of hunters and an oil derrick.

In this sad event, two men were coyote hunting, one of the hunters got too close to the machinery and a fatal accident occurred.

A life was lost and another suffered a serious injury that afternoon, and now, two families now have to deal with all the aftermath.

Unfortunately, when our story hit social media we saw a backlash that we were never expecting.

There were plenty of condolences, and I even expected to see a small amount of second guessing about the danger of getting too close to these derricks.

However, what I was not expecting was a full blow conflagration with animal rights activists.

Maybe more than a dozen voices attacked Mr. Knepp as a hunter and posted how glad they were about his death.

Father of five young boys, husband, son, friend. They posted “how glad they were about his death” — let that sink in for a bit.

We were alerted by several local people that things were getting out of control in the comment section of a Facebook posting. As far as I could tell none of the people “praising” the accident were local people (although many local people attempted to show compassion and asked them to please delete their posts).

As I deleted many of the posts (along with two other people who were also authorized to do so), it finally became evident that we would either have to block or ban people.

Most were from other parts of the country and some were from other parts of the world, but all seemed to share the thought that animals were more important than people. Read more. 


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