Heart Assoc. Pres. Has Heart Attack – While At Heart Health Conference

(HEADLINE HEALTH) The same day that the AHA suggested millions more Americans need to take blood pressure medication, the physician who leads the organization had a heart attack (details below).

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The original story appears below …

AHA President Has Heart Attack During Heart Health Conference

(NATIONAL POST) John Warner, president of the American Heart Association, suffered a heart attack while attending a heart health conference.

On Monday, Warner was attending a major gathering of heart scientists in Anaheim, California when he suffered what was described as a “mild heart attack.”

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“He was taken to a local hospital, where doctors inserted a stent to open a clogged artery,” read a statement by the American Heart Association.

Warner, 52, is an interventional cardiologist with a long history of treating some of the precise conditions that afflicted him on Monday, including early-onset heart attacks.

Warner’s heart attack struck right amidst what is usually the career pinnacle of an American cardiologist; overseeing the American Heart Association’s scientific sessions while serving as its president.

In a statement, AHA CEO Nancy Brown noted that the event is clear evidence that cardiac events “still happen anytime and anywhere.” READ THE FULL STORY AT THE NATIONAL POST.

IMAGE: Liz West, CC

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