Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Revealed

‘Eye-opening’ dementia breakthrough announced | 

Good News Network – A study suggesting dementia may be caused by leaky blood vessels in the brain was welcomed by the Alzheimer’s Society who said it could lead to earlier diagnosis and potential treatments.

A research team at the University of Southern California found that leaky capillaries turned out to be early onset indicators of Alzheimer’s disease, signaling cognitive impairment before the hallmark toxic protein buildup begins.

They now believe that repairing the leaks could slow down the devastating neurological illness—or even prevent the debilitating condition. Though cautioning that future studies are needed, one co-author called the results “eye-opening.” Will You Get Alzheimer’s? Check This One Body Part

Dr. James Pickett, head of research at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “Our researchers have been working for years to investigate how blood vessel health links to dementia, and to understand how leaks in the blood-brain barrier could increase the risk of dementia.

“This study suggests these leaks are happening very early in the development of Alzheimer’s, sometimes even before toxic proteins build up … ” Read more. 



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