Why Airports Have Those Sex Trafficking Signs

‘Unspeakable’: 79 charged in N.J. with child predator crimes

(Matt Arco, NJ.com)

When George Castillo drove to LAX, he expected to meet two girls, ages 4 and 9.

Castillo had a stuffed animal. And sex toys.

Joseph Donohew, 26, of Indiana, shelled out $100 downpayment to a man he thought was the father of a 9-year-old girl.

A deal for sex with a child 

The deal? It was for sex with the child, police said. Donohew brought a girl’s nightgown with characters of the Disney movie “Frozen” on it, police say.

Neither Castillo or Donohew met their intended targets, officials said.

Instead, they were both arrested after two of the people they spoke with were New Jersey State Police officers — not a child trafficker or fathers of young girls.

They were among 79 arrested in a massive, 9-month child predator operation by state authorities that extended beyond New Jersey’s borders, state Attorney General Christopher Porrino announced Friday.

A cop, a coach, a captain – perps of every stripe 

The dozens arrested include a police officer, a swimming coach, a captain in the Air Force, a piano teacher, three brothers and an IT professional who  could end up having more than 1 million files of child pornography once a full examination of his computer equipment is complete, according to the state’s attorney general.

“The men we arrested lurked in the shadows of the internet and social media, looking for opportunities to sexually assault young children or to view such unspeakable assaults by sharing child pornography,” Porrino said in a news conference with other law enforcement officials at the State Police Technology Complex in Hamilton Township.

Porrino described the sexual exploitation of children as a “horrific problem” that doesn’t “appear to be subsiding.”

It was also a chance for State Police to show what technology and new methods they’re using to catch people. Read the full story at NJ.com. Feature image: IMAGE: Robert Werner, CC BY-SA 3.0.


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