After McCain’s Death, VA Patients Flooded With Flowers

AZCENTRAL – Dozens of floral arrangements poured into the VA Medical Center in Phoenix on Tuesday.

The countless donations were the result of one line on Sen. John McCain’s website:

“If so inclined, flowers may be sent to your local VA Hospital. Thank you.”

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The simple request on the bottom of the web page brought nearly a hundred arrangements to the Phoenix facility, said Cindy Dorfner, chief of public affairs for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Dorfner and other officials didn’t know of the senator’s wishes until they were inundated with flowers.

Some were from notable names, like Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy.

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The numerous arrangements were dispersed throughout rooms of residents in the community living center and rooms of veterans staying overnight for in-patient procedures. Others were placed in common areas and the chapel.

“We are honored the McCain family thought of doing this, and we know it brightened the day of many veterans,” Dorfner said.

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