Addicts Harming Their Own Pets to Get Drugs

WARNING: Politically Incorrect Content

(Headline Health) As recently reported here, it may now be hate speech to use the term “drug addict.” 

The new politically term – according to FDA and CDC websites – is, “person with opioid use disorder.” 

That’s right – those formerly classified as drug addicts are now “victims” of a “disorder.”

They’ll be needing our sympathy, pity, and, of course, taxpayer-funded medical care for the rest of their lives.

Only in America, folks, only in America. Coverage continues below from CNN …

People Deliberately Harm Pets To Get Opioid Prescriptions 

POSTED 11:02 AM, AUG 11, 2018, CNN WIRE

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — It’s an all-time low for people trying to get high. Some are deliberately and intentionally harming their pets in order to get a prescription for opioids.

According to a university study, people addicted to opioids are injuring their own pets to satiate their opioid obsession.

Veterinarian Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald said this has been a problem for some time.

Researchers and Fitzgerald agree, the problem of procuring painkillers from pets is likely underreported, and only the tip of the iceberg … Read more at


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