Accused Rapist Can’t Explain Deer Poaching Video

Screenshot: WNEP 16 News

He’s a menace to both women and wildlife, cops say

| New York Daily News – A young Pennsylvania man, already accused of three counts of rape, faces more charges after a Facebook video appears to show him and some friends slaughtering six deer.

Nicholas Rosencrance of Scott Township had already been booked in 2018 for sexual assault when he was slapped with misdemeanor charges of poaching deer out of season.

He and two other teens are facing poaching charges for a 2018 deer-killing spree that may have gone unpunished had a video of the killings not been posted on Facebook. DNA Search For Male Nurse Who Impregnated Helpless Patient

Two juveniles and Rosencrance, now 19, are also facing firearms charges. That video from almost a year ago came to light after Rosencrance was charged with sexual assault.

According to court papers, Rosencrance picked up some friends in his mother’s minivan and using his shotgun, he shot and killed as many as six deer last January, reported TV station WNEP.

The brutal death spree came to light when an anonymous person showed cops a Facebook video of a teen kicking and stabbing a paralyzed deer.

All three suspects attend the same Pennsylvania high school, although senior Rosencrance has been barred from campus since October after the rape accusations.

Rosencrance is the only person involved in the alleged poaching over the age of 18, and thus, the only defendant whose name has been released.

Rosencrance is scheduled back in court in late January. Read more. 

Conservation Officers of Pennsylvania Association, Dallas, PA – Nicholas A. Rosencrance, 19, of Scott Township, faces multiple game law charges resulting from a deer-killing spree that occurred in late January 2018, according to Pennsylvania Game Commission officials.

Charges against Rosencrance today were filed at the office of Magisterial District Judge Paul Keeler, Chinchilla.

A disturbing video posted on Facebook, showing a male juvenile kicking and stabbing a paralyzed white-tailed deer, was provided to the Game Commission in October.

Lackawanna County State Game Warden Kevin Moran and other game wardens conducted multiple suspect interviews and collected forensic evidence that led to charges against Rosencrance and two juveniles.

The Game Commission alleges Rosencrance participated in killing or shooting at four deer in North Abington and Scott townships in January 2018 and that he provided the rifle, vehicle, and spotlight.

Game wardens executed a search warrant at his residence in Scott Township on Nov. 9 and confiscated a rifle, deer parts, drug paraphernalia, and electronic evidence.

Rosencrance faces three first-degree misdemeanor counts and two ungraded misdemeanor counts of killing or possessing big game during a closed season, four summary counts of using a vehicle to hunt game, four summary counts of having a loaded firearm in a vehicle, four summary counts of the unlawful use of an artificial light when in possession of a firearm, and one summary count of disturbing game.

Rosencrance faces a maximum of $41,000 in fines and 69 months of prison time if convicted of all charges.

“As the district attorney and avid hunter, I would like to commend the Game Commission, Pennsylvania State Police, and Lackawanna County detectives for their diligent investigation in this case,” said Lackawanna County District Attorney Mark Powell.

“As this case demonstrates, people who engage in killing game illegally and out of season will face serious charges and aggressive prosecution by my office.” Source.


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