About Those “Vaccine Injury Reports”

“Some infants coincidentally experience an adverse event shortly after a vaccination.” Screenshot: Fair Use, Scary Mommy

The Truth About Vaccine Injuries

| Elizabeth Broadbent, Scary Mommy blog

| You’d think that it would be easy to interpret the data from the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS): how many people claimed to be hurt by what vaccines, and how did they claim to be injured?

Unfortunately, the answers are much more complicated than that. And it’s not because of some massive conspiracy on behalf of Big Pharma, so hold back the conspiracy theories.

It’s because there’s so much data to wade through, so many variables, and such a low burden of proof that talking about vaccine injury is a seriously complicated subject.

According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Institute for Public Health, there are about 11,000 reports received by VAERS each year.

The FDA states that 85% of these reports include mild reactions ranging from “mild fevers or redness and swelling at the injection site,” but 15% include more serious issues, like “hospitalizations, life-threatening events, and deaths.”

That means that, in any given year, approximately 1,650 children in the entire United States are reported as legitimately vaccine injured.

Moreover, as the FDA says, every year,

“More than ten million vaccinations per year are given to children less than one year old, usually between 2 months and 6 months of age … naturally occurring events include fevers, seizures, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), cancer, congenital heart disease, asthma, and other conditions.

“Some infants coincidentally experience an adverse event shortly after a vaccination.

“It is usually not possible from VAERS data alone to determine whether a particular adverse event resulted from a concurrent condition or from a vaccination — even when the event occurs soon after vaccination.”

But if you get on the internet and into the anti-vaccination groups, you’ll find piles and piles of angry parents claiming their children are vaccine injured. Again the burden of proof is low, and most of this is opinion and conjecture, versus legitimized medical diagnoses.

While having a child experience any adverse medical event is terrifying, these parents are often ready to pounce on anyone who disagrees with them.

ENOUGH. Vaccines are safe and they work. Period.

First, let’s differentiate between vaccine reactions and vaccine events: vaccine adverse reactions happen, according to Dr. Celina Carrillo … Read more. 


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