A Company Offered Free All-Day Beer At Work

… and the result was totally predictable.

No more beer for breakfast (sorry) | WeWork to “limit” free beer perk to four glasses a day

| Employee says she was sexually assaulted by drunk co-workers

| Sara Ashley O’Brien, CNN Business – WeWork is starting to curb the beer consumption of some of its New York City members.

The move comes at a time when inappropriate office behavior, often fueled by drinking, is under the spotlight at tech companies.

WeWork, New York City’s largest office tenant, previously offered an unlimited beer on tap as a perk to member companies.

Members will now be limited to four 12-ounce glasses of beer available on tap per day.

Meanwhile, the taps will only work during the hours of 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Corporate employees exempt from new rules – drink up!

The rule applies to the employees of companies that operate out of its New York City facilities — not its corporate employees.

WeWork declined to comment on its internal policies for workplace drinking.

Earlier this month, a lawsuit from a former employee challenged the company’s corporate culture and shed light on its alcohol consumption, noting its “free beer on tap all day in all offices policy.”

The former employee, who claims she was sexually assaulted at two company events and ultimately fired in retaliation for reporting the incidents, alleged that “in both instances, the male employee professed to be too drunk to remember the incident,” according to the complaint. Read more. 


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