8 Food Safety Risks In YOUR Supermarket

Those tiny sanitizing wipes for grocery cart handles don’t begin to resolve these hidden supermarket biohazards 

| Rentokil Steritech – Food is so easily available in our country that we take it for granted.

We just expect that the food we buy in supermarkets and corner shops is safe to eat.

It is displayed on clean, brightly lit shelves and racks and presented in attractive packaging, all looking perfectly fine.

This masks the complexity of factors involved in ensuring the food we buy is safe.

The retail food industry, in fact, is at the forefront of consumer protection.

An increasing amount of our food products are supplied through complex supply chains that can link to producers all over the world.

Every item has multiple risks associated with it on the journey from farm or producer to your store and then to consumers.

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Factors that can affect food safety

Many factors along the food supply chains can affect food safety:

  • From pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified crops on the farm, to contamination from pests;
  • From handling practices at every point along the chain to the ingredients of processed foods and the methods used to make them;
  • From storage conditions and food packaging to labeling that adequately informs the consumer of safety and dietary considerations;
  • And lastly, of course, the sanitary handling of products in the store.

Many types of technology, processes, and materials, as well as the food ingredients, go into producing the food products that end up in consumers’ shopping carts.

Even a small supermarket can have tens of thousands of products, with up to 90,000 in a large superstore, all having to be sourced and handled safely to protect the consumer.

This is also a myriad of ways in which food is presented to the buyer – loose, bagged, chopped, peeled, packaged, and more.

All of this provides a multitude of opportunities where food safety can be compromised – putting consumers at risk. Read more rentokil-steritech


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