7 Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Aging

‘The GOOD NEWS is that these lifestyle changes can lower your risk for all these diseases’ … 

You don’t have make these lifestyle changes perfectly, just pick two or three to get started on. Simple changes can make a big difference over time.

(HEATHLINE) Eating too many inflammatory foods may cause chronic low-grade inflammation. This can cause serious health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and allergies. 

A high intake of added sugar and refined carbs has been linked to the development of other diseases, such as liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, mental decline, arthritis and others.

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The good news is that these lifestyle changes can lower your risk for all these diseases.

For example, consuming fructose has a dose-dependent impact on inflammation. This means the more you eat, the greater the inflammation in the body.

In addition, regular physical activity has been shown to reduce belly fat and inflammatory markers in humans.

Try these seven simple tips to help reduce inflammation

1. Limit processed foods and drinks: By reducing or eliminating these products, you’ll naturally exclude key sources of added sugar like soda, cakes, cookies and candy, as well as white bread, pasta and rice.

2. Read food labels: If you are unsure about certain products, get into the habit of reading food labels. Look out for ingredients like sucrose, glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, maltose and dextrose.

3. Choose whole-grain carbs: These include oats, whole-grain pasta, brown rice, quinoa and barley. They have lots of fiber and antioxidants, which can help control blood sugar and protect against inflammation.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which can protect against and reduce inflammation in the body.

5. Eat lots of antioxidant-rich foods: Fill your plate with foods rich in antioxidants, which naturally help counteract inflammation. These include nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish and olive oil.

6. Keep active: Regular physical activity, including both aerobic and resistance exercise, can help protect against weight gain and inflammation. 

7. Manage stress levels: Learning to manage stress levels through relaxation techniques and even exercise can help reduce inflammation. See the full article at Healthline.com,