6 Tips This Sex Therapist Finds Herself Repeating

Sex tips you can actually benefit from … 

(Dr. Janet Brito, Certified Sex Therapist, HealthLine) I have met so many people in my practice who long for ‘perfect’, passionate sex — like in the movies, where no one’s hair gets messy and everyone has ecstatic orgasms.

Expand your definition of sex, be playful, and get plenty of exercise to stay in shape, says clinical sex therapist Dr. Janet Brito. 

But, that isn’t realistic. That’s Hollywood.

In real life, people feel frustrated about not doing it regularly, or anxious about whether they’re doing it right.

Here are 6 tips to help achieve and live out those feel-good moments you long for.

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1. Use your senses

Use your five senses to focus on body sensations. Abandon the performance-based mindset and adopt a pleasure-based approach.

This helps reduce the pressure most people complain about when it comes to sex-pectations.

2. Expand your definition of sex.

Sex is more than penile-vaginal intercourse. Try outercourse – anything from deep kissing, sensual touch, and erotic massages.

Exploring a range of body pleasure is key to achieving mutual satisfaction.

3. Be playful

Seriously, let yourself be silly and fool around together. Sex doesn’t have to be so serious.

4. Avoid comparing your partner to your past sexual partners, because who wants to be compared?

Comparison tends to create unnecessary insecurities and resentment. Instead, indulge with each other and keep things exciting. Make new memories!

5. Make an intentional decision to be intimate

Don’t overschedule yourself with non-relational activities. Reserve at least an hour per week to explore each other’s bodies and indulge in adult play.

6. Prioritize your time

Create more opportunities for sexual intimacy. Stop juggling too many balls in the air. Clear your schedule for rest, relaxation, and sexual activity.

And since you need blood flow to your genitals for sexual arousal, keep up with regular exercise. It’s vital to increasing pleasure.

Take these home and practice them to start feeling more empowered about your sexuality and yourself. Read the full story at healthline.com. Also of interest: Frequent Sex Boosts Brain Power in Older Adults