5 States Where People Drink Way Too Much

US Alcohol Consumption Ranked By State – Where Does Yours Land?

In order to find out how regional differences in drinking culture affect state-by-state consumption, Newsweek compiled data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

To see where your state stands, take a look at the rankings below, listed in order of least to most pure alcohol sales per person per year:

50. Utah: 1.34 gallons.

49. West Virginia: 1.76 gallons

48. Arkansas: 1.80 gallons

47. Oklahoma: 1.88 gallons

46. Kansas: 1.92 gallons

5. Montana: 3.11 gallons

4. North Dakota: 3.26 gallons

3. Nevada: 3.46 gallons

2. Delaware: 3.72 gallons

1. New Hampshire: 4.76 gallons. Note: a large portion of liquor sales in New Hampshire and Delaware is due to purchases by out-of-state residents taking advantage of those states’ low liquor prices and lack of a sales tax. New Hampshire has some of the largest liquor stores in the nation, with several stores grossing over $20 million per year. 

Don’t see your state in the top or bottom five? See the full list at iflscience.com.


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