5 Sleep Myths That Are Harming You Right Now

These common myths about sleep are hurting your health, study warns

| USA TODAY – “Snoring is harmless. Five hours of sleep is enough. Alcohol before bed helps.”

These are all sleep myths debunked as false in a study just published in National Sleep Foundation’s journal Sleep Health.

  • Snoring, while cited as annoying for bed partners, also was viewed as “mostly harmless,” in searches. Researchers cited that snoring is a primary symptom of obstructive sleep apnea and could place individuals at high risk for cardiovascular problems. Fixing Sleep Apnea Also Fixes Your Sex Life
  • Napping in the afternoon also was debunked as unhealthy, when it is habitual. Researchers say this is because napping can enable nighttime insomnia. 5 Kinds Of Insomnia & How To Treat Each
  • Alcohol shouldn’t be viewed as a sleeping aid, as researchers said it often causes sleep disturbances in the second half of the night and can negatively impact REM sleep. How does alcohol affect your sleep?
  • The idea that hitting the snooze button could be better than waking up when the alarm first goes off also was deemed false. Fragmenting sleep like this can decrease “mental flexibility” and negatively affect mood, according to the study. 7 Signs You May Have a Sleep Disorder: Mayo Clinic
  • Watching TV before bed, exercising within four hours of bedtime and keeping a warmer bedroom for better sleep also were found to be false. Socks In Bed: Better Sleep, Better Sex

A third of U.S. adults say they do not get the recommended amount of sleep each night, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For adults, that’s at least seven hours a night. Read more. 


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