5 Hospitalized In Taco/Salmonella Outbreak

The Coloradan – Five people are hospitalized after a salmonella outbreak at a trendy taco and tequila bar in Fort Collins.

La Luz Mexican Grill is closed and is working with officials to locate the source of the outbreak. [The restaurant’s website shows it will be closed for eight days. – Editor]

There have been six confirmed cases, with additional cases pending.

“Finding the origins of a salmonella outbreak is hard,” said a county spokesperson. “Unfortunately there are no rapid tests.”

Salmonella can cause infections affecting the intestinal tract, urinary tract, bloodstream and other tissues.Symptoms including diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting and bloody stool appear within six to 72 hours, and last four to seven days.The restaurant was cited as “unacceptable” in its previous inspection in 2017 … Read the full story at The Coloradan.RELATED: Restaurant Food Safety Is An OxymoronMexican Parasite In Food At Kroger & Trader Joe’sSalmonella Found In Mexican-Made Ritz Crackers


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