3 Natural Alternatives To Lube

Meg Zulch, Bustle – Chemicals in certain lubes may compromise your health and the health of your v.

I reached out to sex coach Amy Levine, and she says long-term health risks aren’t entirely clear.

These ingredients do, however, have the potential to “lead to cancer (or) interfere with our reproductive health.”

“The mucous membrane of the vagina is more delicate than the surface of our exterior skin,” says Levine, “And is therefore more susceptible (to irritation).”

So for anyone whose skin and vagina are just as sensitive as mine, here are some at-home alternatives to personal lubricant.

1. Aloe Vera

You know that bottle of aloe vera gel you’ve been stowing by your bedside to tend to your sunburns? It has many other uses besides tending to your charred skin.

It can make a great lube, according to pharmacologist Joe Graedon of The People’s Pharmacy. Aloe is known to be incredibly gentle and neutral on all skin types, so it’s safe to use around your vagina. Make sure your gel is 100 percent pure aloe vera.

2. Egg Whites

According to obstetrical nurse Maureen Stephens, applying egg whites to the vagina “is safe and comes with no side effects.”

It can be a mess to apply (as lube at the best of times) so opting for a dropper of some sort or simply embracing the messiness will be your best options. Egg whites are best served at room temperature in a bowl or vessel of your choice.

3. Natural Oils

According to sex therapist Brier Jirka, some vegetable and mineral oils like avocado, coconut, and olive oil can be used as personal lubricant. They can be great for clitoral stimulation and vulvar massage.

Natural oils are great, not only because rubbing oil over your body feels so good, but because it lasts way longer than water-based lubricants. Read more at Bustle. 


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