25 Heart-Guarding Compounds In One Tiny Fruit – Most Have Only 2

By Jeff Olsen for the Mayo Clinic Minute

| May 8, 2019

“A wealth of health benefits … a boost for physical and mental health.”

| Blueberries might be the best example of how good things come in small packages.

“Beyond their tangy sweetness, blueberries offer a wealth of health benefits,” says Anya Guy, a Mayo Clinic dietitian.

Guy says that includes protection for your heart, thanks to something called “anthocyanin” — a compound in these berries that gives them their deep blue hue.

Blueberries in particular have about 25 different anthocyanins; whereas, other berries might just have two or three,” adds Guy.

Studies have shown eating foods high in these anthocyanins can help lower your risk of developing coronary heart disease.

“And that could be due to the reduction in arterial stiffness and blood pressure,” says Guy. “A half-cup is a serving of blueberries. They don’t require any slicing or peeling. You can just pop them in your mouth for the benefits.”

Besides the heart-healthy perk, that serving of blueberries will get you some vitamin C, dietary fiber, and natural sweetness. That makes blueberries a boost for physical and mental health. Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network.


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