21 Super-Easy Food Tweaks That Will Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is never easy, but many have found that these health hacks can help a lot | 

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1. Drink water before every meal and snack

Most of us struggle to drink enough water. Not only does that make you dehydrated and tired, “you might even confuse thirst with hunger and end up over-eating because of it,” says Lisa Moskovitz, R.D.

So get into a habit of drinking water—ideally eight to 16 ounces—before you eat a meal or snack to keep your appetite in check.

Doing so has been shown to help you eat less during your meal—meaning you’ll potentially eat fewer calories overall, says Marisa Moore, R.D.

2. Make spa water

Even though you need H2O to live, some people find the stuff repulsive.

If that sounds like you, ditch the sugary drinks and get your flavor fix by infusing your water with fruits and herbs—think citrus, pineapple, mint, or ginger. “I do this at home for my husband who hates plain water. Now he drinks tons,” says Lindsey Pine, R.D.

Buy an infuser water bottle for the office, and fill up a big glass dispenser at home.

3. Eat veggies for breakfast

Veggies are high in filling fiber, low in calories, and stocked with vitamins and minerals that help fight belly bloat, says Brigitte Zeitlin, R.D., a New York City-based nutritionist. But you’re probably not eating enough of them.

“We often go from a bagel at breakfast, to a chicken sandwich at lunch, to pizza for dinner—without including the most nutrient-dense foods of all,” says Jennifer Giles, R.D. What They Put In Pizza That Makes It So Addictive

She suggests adding chopped baby spinach to smoothies, oatmeal, eggs, or plain yogurt, since it has a neutral taste but packs in fiber, folate, and iron.

McMordie recommends sautéeing whatever veggies you can scavenge from your fridge and adding them to an egg scramble. Read more.