2019’s Top Ten Health Stories: Hair Plugs, Dead & Dying Celebs, Bad Lettuce

Dec 31, 2019

Readers clicked on Headline Health content 7.5 million times in 2019.

Each day, we brought you news about advances in healthy aging … outbreaks of food poisoning … how to enjoy better sex at any age … and much more – nearly 1,500 varied and trending health stories in all. 

As it turns out, our readers were more interested in learning about ailing celebrities … country musicians … toxic destinations … hair transplants … but mostly, “who died?” 

Below are our ten most-clicked stories of 2019 – followed by our list of stories we were hoping you would have clicked (it’s not too late!) because we think they might have done you a bit more good.

2019’s Ten Most-Read Stories On Headline Health:

  1. Hair Transplant Industry Could Be Doomed

  2. Country Music Star Dies Of Dementia

  3. Why No One Goes To Subway Anymore

  4. Willie Nelson, 86, Has Left The Stage; He Will Be Missed

  5. Bill Cosby Prepared To Die Alone, In Prison

  6. Porn Star, 32, Dead of Breast Cancer; Pic Reveals Likely Cause

  7. 187 Infected Patients In L.A. Leprosy Community

  8. Steelers Coach Dead Days Before Season Opener

  9. Every Beach In This State Closed By Health Officials

  10. New Vaginal Penetration Rule Makes Doctors Uneasy

If you wanted to avoid bad hair plugs, we came through for you. Ditto for learning what sandwich topping even the store managers won’t eat at Subway (it’s the lettuce).

Beyond these, if you’re still looking for practical health news to close out one year and begin a better one, we commend to you these stories that did not crack the top ten most-read, but still ranked among the top 100.

We begin the list with a “Florida Man” story that actually contained practical health information …

Editor’s Choice Top Ten Most Useful Health Stories of 2019

  1. Florida Residents Warned To Cover All Doors And Windows

  2. When This Sense Fails, Death Is Near 

  3. Anal Cancer Rate Up In Black Men, White Women; We Know Why

  4. 10 Top Penis Health Questions – Answered 

  5. Social Security Glitch To Shrink Many Seniors’ Bank Accounts 

  6. How Often Married Couples Have Sex Is Controlled By … 

  7. One Bad Habit Shrinks Your Manhood (Millions Do It) 

  8. Couples Who Still Sleep In Separate Beds

  9. 10 Health Benefits Of Sex, In Case You Need A Reason

  10. What’s Subway Trying To Hide? Customer Told To Stop Taking Pics And Get Out

In 2020, we promise to bring you more relevant content on enjoying great health (and great sex) at any age … celebrities who are leaving us too soon … and the inevitable new installments on crapped-in lettuce and ground beef. And there will certainly been some twists and turns, we can always count on that.

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