3 Sexual Health Hacks OB/GYNs Want You To Know

Ashley Batz, Bustle | You may think you are doing all you can to remain sexually healthy.

Yet many OB/GYNs say that women often overlook these essential keys to better sexual health.

Dr. Shoma Datta says “Don’t let cascades of misinformation and avoidance create chaos in this important part of your health and happiness.”

Here are 3 things OB/GYNs want you to know about your sexual health.

1. Don’t Ignore Strange Pains Or Symptoms

While it may be easy to dismiss a strange, sex-related pain — like burning with urination or vaginal pain after sex — it’s best to take it seriously.

“While fleeting moments of rare discomfort may happen, you should take any severe or persistent pain with sex seriously,” Dr. Datta says.

“Let your partner know you need a pause, and follow up with a doctor to be on the safe side to rule out something like an infection or abnormal growth.”

2. Practice Good Post-Sex Practices

Dr. Allison Hill, MD, OB/GYN, says it’s important to pay attention to your hygiene. “Your natural lubricants and semen from your partner can alter your vaginal pH balance, which can make infections — like a yeast infection or a UTI — more common,” she tells Bustle.

“Make sure to empty your bladder after intercourse to flush out bacteria. Also, allow excessive semen to drain from the vagina so that your vaginal pH stays in balance.”

Dr. Hill also advises another post-sex practice — rinsing the vulva with warm water and a mild soap. “Then, dry with a clean towel and put on clean underwear,” she says.

3. Don’t Forget About Foreplay

Foreplay — and making sure you get enough of what works for you — is another factor when it comes to your sexual health.

“The importance of having and prolonging foreplay enables the body to become aroused,” Dr. Kendra says. “Also, sex will become more pleasurable with the use of lubricants.” Read the full list at Bustle.com.

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