13 Recipes That Will Convince You To Buy An Air Fryer

Recipes Worth Repeating – There is a healthy way to make french fries, wings, wontons, chicken tenders and more! I’ve got 13 Air Fryer recipes that are beyond delicious and easy to make that won’t make you feel guilty about eating those “fried food” classics you love most!

Who has an air fryer? I don’t. Well, not yet. I mean, I PLAN to get one.

I’ve heard a lot of talk about this air fryer gadget and my interest has been peaked for about a year now. But I haven’t bought one yet. I was the same way about my Instant Pot…I was slow to jump on board but when I did, I fell in love and I use my Instant Pot ALL THE TIME!

I know I’m going to be the same with my air fryer. But before I buy it, I really wanted to research how this amped up convection oven works. And recipes…oh the RECIPES! Bring me the recipes! But let’s start with how the air fryer works first.

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

Apparently, it’s just an amped up convection oven that works by circulating hot air up around your food. From there, it transforms the food into crispy yumminess without a bunch of oil.

Philips Electronics Company originally patented the air fryer back in 2010. Wow – has it really been around that long? Gosh, I feel like I’m late to the party! I apparently missed the memo!

Well, this handy dandy little appliance is supposed to deliver the results of deep frying with only hot air and a tiny amount of oil. Yeah for the simplicity and approach to healthiness!

13 Recipes That Convinced Me To Buy An Air Fryer

So yes, ok…I think I’m to the point to where I’m ready to buy an air fryer. BUT I need some recipes on hand when it’s delivered to my house. So I went on the hunt and I found a TON of air fryer recipes. And let me tell you, I found recipes for foods I had no idea I could make in an air fryer. So many options! But these here below sold me…and I’m going to tell you why.

Air Fryer Potato Chip Chicken

The name says it all. Potato Chips. Chicken. SOLD! This recipe comes from Garnished Plate and only calls for 3 simple ingredients: chicken, egg, potato chips. It really just doesn’t get any easier than that and oh my goodness who doesn’t need some easy in their life! This recipe only takes 15 minutes to cook in the air fryer. I love the quick tips in this post and guess what…this recipe is HEALTHY! Get the recipe here.

Air Fryer Baked Potato

Who doesn’t love a baked potato? Especially one that is covered in a parsley garlic salt rub. YUM! Courtney’s Sweets tell us that all you have to do is put these in the air fryer for 35-40 minutes. Pop them out and you’ve got yourself a perfectly cooked potato with a crispy flavorful skin! It just really doesn’t get much better than that! You can find this recipe here. Oh – and if you want to air fry a sweet potato, she tells you how to do it here.

Air Fryer French Fries

Healthy, low-fat french fries? No way! Oh…and they aren’t just any french fries, they are Parmesan French Fries! Crispy and crunchy, this recipe from Watch What U Eat requires little to zero oil to get the same texture and taste as normal deep fried fries. Only a 20 minute cook time! Get this recipe here.

Air Fryer Chicken Wings With Buffalo Sauce

These suckers take less than 35 minutes to make! Low Carb Yum says that an air fryer transforms traditionally deep fried, unhealthy recipes into much healthier options. Step-by-step instructions with pictures in this recipe! Check this one out here.

Get all thirteen recipes here. 


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