100-Year-Old Hunter Bags Elk At 150 Yards With 65-Year-Old-Rifle

Gordon Blossom, a retired civil engineer, was born May 26, 1916. He took this elk on Dec 26, 2016. [While this story first appeared in 2017, we believe our readers will appreciate the physical vigor and positive frame of mind of this proud centenarian. – Editor] Image: Rod G. Blossom

| Hunting News – It all came together on Dec 27 for long time hunter Gordon Blossom of Thorp, WA.

Recently celebrating his 100th birthday, Blossom had long talked about taking an elk when he was 100 years of age and finally made it a reality last month.

Gordon, officially licensed as a disabled hunter, was accompanied by his son and hunting partner Rod on his quest.

After spotting a herd of roughly 300 elk, the two followed the animals for four hours until the perfect shot presented itself.

Gordon took the elk at under 150 yards, a distance he is extremely comfortable at with his Winchester .300 H&H rifle he acquired back in 1953.

The successful hunter plans to dine on his kill for the remainder of 2017 … Read more. 



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