“10 Live Roaches, No Hot Water In Restaurant”

File photo. Image: Tri States Public Radio, Rich Egger

“Closed By Order Of The Board Of Health”

10 Of The Most Disgusting Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Of The Month – Florida, Texas, California, Colorada, more 

Headline Health – May, May, the merry month of May – unless you had the misfortune to dine in some of America’s dirtiest, unhealthiest, most disgusting restaurants. 

Here are ten of the most repulsive health violations we found posted online for the month of May:

  1. Cici’s Pizza10822 North Fwy, Houston, TX – Demerits: 38
    Inspection highlights: Temporarily closed after inspectors found more than 10 live roaches and no hot water in restaurant
  2. La Calle Arepas Bar, 74 North Main St., Norwalk, CT – Score: Fail | 79 out of 100 (as of unannounced inspection, passed reinspection). Adulterated food, absence of sinks and food not kept at the proper temperature were among recent infractions cited in the city’s restaurant inspection reports.
  3. The Flame Broiler, 2100 Katella Ave., Suite 100, Anaheim, CA – Closed: May 30. Reason: Cockroach infestation
  4. Mariscos el Tapatio, 1195 E. Pyle Ave, Las Vegas, NV – The Mexican restaurant inside the ARCO AM/PM earned 55 demerits during a May 14 inspection by the Southern Nevada Health District, which shut down the restaurant. Inspectors discovered cooked carrots covered in mold, expired hominy, chorizo, and ham, and “carnitas, chorizo, ham, sausage, broth, salsa, queso, pozole, raw beef, el pastor, raw chicken, fish, and beans all had to be thrown out,” KTNV reports. The restaurant re-opened on May 15 with a zero-demerit A grade.
  5. Waffle Brothers Pub Style, 1707 N. Lafayette St., Denver, CO – The location failed with nine critical health code violations in April. The mistakes include: mice droppings; 30 pounds of chicken wings were thrown out for being held at the wrong temperature; sanitizing solution was too weak to work; an employee handled money, then food.
  6. Spice Fine Indian Cuisine: 4987 Loop 410 NW, San Antonio, TX – Date: 05/30/2019 Score: 76. Highlights: Observed many flies in the establishment. Observed Home Depot buckets being used to store food items. No hot water available and both men and women’s restroom hand sinks. Bar hand sink had no soap or paper towels. Ceiling tiles broken or missing. Greasy and dirty walls. Dish washing area had black substance.
  7. No. 1 Chinese Restaurant, at 1708 Lebanon Road, Dover, DE – Baby and adult roaches “dead and alive” throughout the business. Fly strips were found over a sink. Items in the cold storage units were not covered. Closed by the Division of Public Health on May 22 due to “imminent health hazards.”Allowed to reopen on May 28, but was labeled a “high risk” food establishment, meaning it will be inspected more frequently.
  8. Fortune Wok, 11236 W. 135th St., Overland Park, KS – Had 17 priority violations during a May 15 routine inspection.
  9. Cotija’s Taco Shop, 39509 Los Alamos Road, Murrieta, CA – Closure date: May 28. Reason for closure: Cockroach infestation. The inspector visited in response to a complaint and found multiple roaches in the area of a steam table. The inspector also noted dead bugs on the light cover over the cook line, and two clogged floor drains that weren’t overflowing but did need a plumber’s attention.
    Reopening date: May 29 after pest-control serviced the restaurant; the inspector saw some dead roaches but no live ones.
  10. Checkers, Babcock Street, Palm Bay, FL – Closed by the Department of Health after shocking images were uploaded to social media showing an infestation of bugs and rodents—allegedly including cockroaches, rats, and maggots. Health officials confirmed yesterday that, had been shut due to “rodent activity” after several complaints were made to the department.

Be your own health inspector by checking the areas of the restaurant that are publicly accessible –

  • Do those little restroom signs reminding employees to wash their hands mean anything whatsoever if the restroom is dirty? The cleanliness of the restroom reflects the health standards of the people preparing your food. 
  • Is the dumpster around back overflowing, possibly attracting rats or roaches that may also frequent the kitchen?
  • Is there a tray overflowing with dirty dishes in the back corner of the dining room?

All reasons to think twice before dining.